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  1. With something like that it is imo easier for us the mission makers to place down the buildings ourselves. Jadotville is quite quick to replicate just by checking a few photos and then placing and adjusting buildings in the editor, if you want I can send over the pbo (if its allowed on this forum) I made for a Jadotville joint op on another one of Icebreakrs awesome African terrains.
  2. The South African unit I run only exists thanks to your amazing terrains (Myself and others have before stuck around after missions purely to explore these beautifully crafted terrains, just driving around and enjoying), so thank you for those and the thousands of hours of fun you've allowed us to have. I have just seen this today as I have only just made an account here, I can't wait for another icebreakr map, will definitely share with everyone in the unit when I get home. Those animal models look great, I have ran a few anti poaching style missions and while the tracking elements go very well, it does lack the immersion of actual animals 😛 Once again thank you for your great work o7
  3. FlyingMoose2

    Secret Weapons Reloaded (WIP)

    (To note - I understand secret weapons has been discontinued for a long time and you have advised people against using or relying on it but people love being apart of a large bomber crew too much not to use it lol)
  4. FlyingMoose2

    Secret Weapons Reloaded (WIP)

    Made an account just to say how excited I am for this. Been playing all of your aviation Mods for years, countless happy hours in both single player and multiplayer. Recently started a unit that runs off of secret weapons for the bomber crews and flying legends for the fighters, after running countless side ops using the flying Mods. So much fun, can't express how happy I am these Mods exist and how much fun they've given me, my friends and the people in the various units who put up with my whack missions, which are only made possible by awesome Mods like this. Absolutely cannot wait for this Mods release and can't wait to get home and show everyone this thread and the aircraft that are coming. Guessing release is sometime soon with Winter ending soon? Either way, cannot wait o7