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    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Sorry for a late response. It works indeed! Thanks for info. In case someone else wonders, all you need to make a group respond to other groups that have detected enemy, is to set the checkbox “Enable Dynamic Reinforcement” in a group composition. Such unit will advance to the last known enemy position. Also, it's worth noting that groups need to be in range to share information with each other - I believe it’s 500m default range and 2000m for units (groups) with backpack radios. Of course, you can change the values and other options in the Settings -> Addon Options -> LAMB main. Anyway it’s a really great feature. Seems that - after being successfully notified about the enemy - a reinforcement group will cancel any WPs it had and advance the enemy.
  2. IvanDolvich

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Anyone can help with this? I have the same question. I know that you can set individual squads to have a radio, so they can call other groups for help. Also you can enable Group Reinforce option on other groups so they can respond. Are there any other steps required? Unfortunately, I somehow can't get it working. It sounds really cool, but I'm a bit confused how does it actually work and how AI groups share info.
  3. Thank you guys. I tested both your solusions and they work indeed! If someone else is curious, by extending this method, you can also make the QRF more dynamic, by adding and syncing the next waypoints - f.ex. to can get the dismounted squad back to the vehicle and go back to base/move to next location.
  4. I’m trying to make a group of mechanized infantry (inf + BMP) QRF that simply dismounts the vehicle right before the destination point and continue advancing on foot, while the BMP provides a cover. I tried this with a truck/vanilla APCs + Unload waypoint and it works fine. There is a problem with other vehicles however – like BMPs and BTRs. Infantry boards the group’s BMP properly - both inside and on top of the vehicle – but when they reach the Unload WP, only those sitting on the hull get out. The rest of the passengers stays inside. I tried to found a solution, but only came to conclusion that the game recognizes some of the passengers as a crew/additional gunners (turrets I belive?) and assigns them to the vehicle so they are not passengers anymore. Not sure if I’m missing something… Is there a way to get all of the passengers out of the vehicle leaving the original crew (driver, gunner, commander) inside?