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  1. Amazing ! You are my savior, thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for !
  2. I'm sorry again. I just know very little about scripts. I switched to "_x setDamage 1;", now works well and this is almost exactly what I need. How can I prevent this script from destroying empty vehicles on player bases, maybe by adding a marker or trigger that the script will ignore ?
  3. I am sorry, it is my mistake that I did not notice this earlier. I use HAL commander mod in combination with vehicle spawner module. The problem with spawner modules, that it will not spawn a new group until the vehicle is destroyed, even if all the crew is dead. A script that destroys all empty vehicles every 10-15 minutes can fix this problem.
  4. Good day ! Can you please modify your script so it works in 2 cycles - in first cycle in should destroy empty vehicle and in second it should delete wrecks after some time. I need this for vehicle spawner modules, if vehicle is just deleted it will not spawn again, but if vehicle is destroyed first then it works normal. It will be great if the script can warn the players that after 30-60 seconds the empty vehicles will explode so that the players can hide or occupy it. It will be even better if it can work with blacklisted areas so that players can have empty vehicles in the bases. I am sure this script will be useful to many other players. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year !
  5. Good day ! If possible, can you please make a separate mod that only affects the AI pathfinding (For better performance) ? It will be great if the AI can use Enhanced Movement and won't get stuck at the sight of simple obstacles or when crossing bridges. In my opinion, the terrible AI pathfinding is the main and biggest issue of the Arma 3, this makes it impossible to play with AI on most maps. On the Weferlingen map, the AI cannot cross bridges, the same is on the Cam Lao Nam map, even on the new deserted map from the last DLС Sefrou-Ramal AI manages to get stuck. Thank you so much for your work !