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  1. The same happened to me. Quite frustrating to be fair.
  2. Decemberain

    vigor buried cache what happen ?

    The food in the cache was a fantastic way for fresh players to get their weekly goal of 10,000 for food donations to acquire a special issue crate. Now with the gold crate in elimination it is not that important anymore. The game is favoring the long-time players now and giving out mass materials and gold guns. The special issue guns and crates are no longer special just becoming common. You now see raincoats running SVU and L85 guns at level < 10. It's becoming more of a battle royale than a survival game.
  3. Decemberain

    Gronth Valley Mid Exit

    Right side first left side second i think. It can be done
  4. Decemberain

    Elimination Issues

    Devs please do something with the eliminations. There are guys running around with no heads and I get it you guys are working on this bug, but the special issue crate is destroying it. I have seen on numerous occasions where a sweaty party will load in and another non player to the opposing team and in the final round rush with no weapons to get killed just to get another round to grab a special issue crate. I have just left two eliminations as people are even now jumping off roofs to kill themselves so they can get another round or two so they can up their score. Please remove the special issue crate or do something to remedy the situation. Kind regards Disgruntled outlander
  5. Decemberain

    Leveling up is a nightmare!

    Using signal towers, comm stations and collecting airdrops and accessing safes give good xp to level up even if you don't get out alive you still get xp from this also i think looting materials instead of guns is a better way of getting a higher xp per round. There are loads of videos on youtube which i found very useful in explaining it all. Best of luck stay safe.
  6. Decemberain

    Military grade suits

    Hello only playing a couple of months now and question for you guys. Do the military grade suits eg Adam suit help in any way against gun fire? They look like they have bullet proof vests and i am wondering if they restrict damage compared to wearing just a rain coat. Also same question regarding masks and helmets.