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  1. Spartan_BlackWolf

    Apex Framework

    That was it. It is fixed! When I read the information above and looked at my Arma 3 server directory, I actually had a "Apex_framework.terrain" directory with the files that are in the *.pbo files. I have since deleted that directory. I modified the contents or each *.pbo and renamed them to xxx_119a.pbo. I updated the server.cfg to look for the new *.pbo files and started the server. For anyone who can't edit the *.pbo files, I uploaded a copy to my Google drive which is located here. I just got back from a nice flight! Thanks again! Regards, Spartan_Blackwolf
  2. Spartan_BlackWolf

    Apex Framework

    Thanks. I joined the channel. I have completely re-installed the Apex framework today (and obviously made a mistake somewhere) and still can't get in a helicopter. After the re-install, I deleted the 3 lines of code per the post above. Is this set of command line parameters correct? Is anything missing? C:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master\arma3server_x64.exe "-profiles=c:\Games\Arma3\A3Master" -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -servermod=@apex -filePatching I want to make sure I don't have something 'basic' that is messing up everything.
  3. Spartan_BlackWolf

    Apex Framework

    Thanks for the quick response. I followed those instructions and restarted my server. I'm still having the same problem. I opened the Eden editor, added a helicopter and a pilot and was able to fly (just to make sure the game itself is working properly). Any other ideas? Thanks again...!
  4. Spartan_BlackWolf

    Apex Framework

    Quiksilver, After the most recent Arma3 client and server update (I update both yesterday 11-17-2021), I am no longer able to enter the helicopters regardless of the role (I can usually jump in as a co-pilot and assume the controls). I am able to fly the jets as a Fighter Pilot, but not even the Transport Pilot can enter into a helicopter (not even as a passenger). I have been playing your mod for a long time and love it! Thanks in advanced for your help!