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  1. Hi there! @dadax Since I consider myself to be in the market to maybe upgrade my CPU this or next cycle I'm really interested in your performance tests on ArmA! My current system runs on an i7-7700K, oc''ed to 5GHz - so I presume there indeed is quite a bit of headroom to be gained these days, if I'm reading things right? Could you please repeat your tests with higher, more realistic graphic settings, especially in regards to view distance? 1600m VD is perhaps suitable for KOTH-style CQB fighting, but for mil-sim ops or vehicle combat it would be utterly inadequate, given that the system apparently is more than capable of handling tough scenarios as they come up. In bullet points - I would like to see: 1.) YAAB run with higher view distance (perhaps around 3-4km) 2.) YAAB run with higher overall graphics settings (not resolution - since atm, like most people, I am still gaming on good ol' 1920x1080 FHD) 3.) Info on further system specs, like what kind of SSD you're running things on, what's your GPU, what kind of cooling solution you resort to and what your CPU-temperatures are on average while gaming/ running YAAB tests [4.) YAAB runs with higher resolutions, depending on what your GPU supports of course] Thank you so much in advance, Love you guys!! Bye ❤️ P.S: Long time lurker - I'd be also very much interested in hearing what you can report @Groove_C from your i9. And while I'm at it - I just saw that you apparently own a 900p Optane - I presume you use it to game as well? I would have the possiblity to get one on the cheap - sort of at least - 250 bucks for the 480gb model. Would you recommend, you think I'd be worth it? In terms of cost/ GB it would be way less cost effective than a regular NVMe drive still, that's why I haven't pulled the trigger yet - in theory though it sure sounds great for ArmA! Already own a 512gb Samsung 960 EVO for OS + some games.