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    What is an UNLOCK CODE?

    I bought a boxed edition of Iron Front. Now it is updated to patch 1.02. The game ran fine as version 1.60. However, after the patches, whenever I try to launch it, it wants to take me to a Koch Media GmbH website (Deep Silver) that wants me to enter my "Unlock Code". When I installed the game it asked me for my game code which was supposedly printed on my game manual. It wasn't. It was printed on another piece of paper and there it was titled, "GameSpy Code". Now, I am trying to enter the GameSpy code and the Deep Silver website which is supposed to "unlock" my game won't recognize it. It would be nice if all of these were called the same thing, so I would know what the heck I am looking for. You know, I am beginning to think I don't have 10 hours of my life to spend trying to get a game running anymore. This stuff is forcing me out of the computer game market. So, why can't I get my "Unlock Code" to work? And where the heck is it? If it is the "GameSpy" code, do I use the hyphens ("-") or not? When I entered the code in the game, it didn't require them. I am getting pretty tired of this.