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  1. I have been having this issue for 2 days now. At first, I was able to resolve it by verifying my game files. But then the issue started again. So I tried to verify again, and it did not work. The issue happens with and without mods. I was trying to setup a trigger with a custom condition. 13:05:07 Error in expression <behavior guy;> 13:05:07 Error position: <guy;> 13:05:07 Error Missing ; I keep getting this error, I get the same error whenever I try and reference variables. Just to add, im 100% sure at this point it is no error on my end. It should be working but it comes up with an error that makes no sense. Any help??
  2. spazdard

    False Scripting Errors?

    ... At first I thought it couldn't be. but then i checked. I have been making the same typo over and over again for about 3 hours now. How long have i been programming and I still do shit like this lmao. Thanks for the quick reply