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  1. 0_Mannus

    FDF Mod

    Hi guys, been playing some FDF (the 1,3 campaign) and love this mod. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the metal music I keep hearing? 🙂 Seems the website listed in the credits no longer exists.
  2. 0_Mannus

    "Bundeswehr" Mod

    Hi Wolle, I tried to run a couple of those single missions and come up with an error. Seems a panzerfaust is missing 😉 and maybe a couple others. Possibly not directly BW mod. Do you remember these? g3tgs bwmod_panzerfaust mtlb SA13S editorupdate102
  3. 0_Mannus

    "Bundeswehr" Mod

    Thanks to you both!
  4. 0_Mannus

    "Bundeswehr" Mod

    Hi Everyone, I realize this thread is ancient and so is the game 😋. But I have been on a bit of a nostaligia trip lately and have been playing some Cold War Assault. I remember the BW Mod back in the day. I had hoped to still find a good download link for the mod but no luck so far. Only have been able to piece together some .pdo files (mostly individual units - vehicles for example) but I don't have a complete mod. Does anyone still have the files or know of a good download link that works? Thanks in advance!