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  1. hey guys i am currently looking for Devs , map Designers , Staff team the whole package to help me forge my Arma 3 Server Based on the Exile Mod , i asked around a lot and everyone says they only do it for cash but i am currently un available to provide any Payment of some sort and probably will never be able to pay anyone . So the question here is how will find people to help me fulfill these jobs and start working on my Mission and get it under development , as of now i am only able to do minor things in Eden editor and i am in dire need of help .

    what i can offer to the devs is a very pleasant environment where all their ideas will be heard  ,i am here to create a place where people can have fun and grow a community together . overall i have gotten over 4K hrs on arma 3 playing on several servers so i have experience in a lot of communities and i wanted to create something similar tailored around new ideas and new headings that will enhance the player experience in arma 3 . 


    If anyone is willing to help feel free to Respond to this post or add me on Discord ThatGuyBlazer#0135 

    Thank you all in advance and i am looking forward to seeing you guys soon 

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