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  1. Zman The Man

    Update ruins game.

    I hope so! Thank you! Is it okay if I share you an Vigor idea? Not for now just for Season 9 or whatever, don't worry it isn't the normal animals and all
  2. Zman The Man

    newbie here

    Unfortunately, yes, however what is your PSN username? Mine is UNLOGICLESS, I'll probably be on tonight, I'll guide you, only deal is you listen to me, I'll make sure you'll get loot. Greetings from New Zealand!
  3. Zman The Man

    Vigor for PC?

    Oh hey! A developer! Don't mind me saying Hi, You see. As much as Vigor gets on my nerves, I LOVE Vigor, Thank you for the gift of Vigor, I hope you can get Vigor up to a stable state again. Greetings from New Zealand! eeey a like from the dev
  4. Zman The Man

    Update ruins game.

    You see, when Season 8 got released, my game was Grade A+ UNPLAYIBLE, now its kinda algood