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  1. I have seen people using skins that aren't the default ones (they are the ones you can apply in virtual arsenal) in warlords I was wondering if anyone knows how I can do this?
  2. ONI Sect 3

    How to change a vehicles skin

    All I am looking to do is apply the Paints for lack of a better word that are in the virtual arsenal to my vehicles in warlords.
  3. ONI Sect 3

    Need help with fixed wing aircraft

    Note the A-164 "Wipeout" (Basicaly the A-10) does not have radar. If you can use radar you will see whether or not it is on at the top of the sensor panel. certain vehicles have radar the "Blackwasp" has Radar and so does the "Shikra" the "Nephron" however does not.
  4. ONI Sect 3

    Need help with fixed wing aircraft

    No what you are looking for is a triangle on your sensors. When you see this press "R" to begin lock. Alternatively you can put your crosshair over the target and press "T". Hope this helps. 😉