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  1. grimreef

    Update ruins game.

    Ever since they updated this game I have encountered many bugs they have created alone with the update. One everyone knows about by now, that they even mentioned themselves. Are the port signals detectors only picking up one random player in the lobby. Another is their servers are now lagging so bad it causes more connection issues then before. I know its not my connection I test it all the time. Trying to search for a match and getting constant connection errors even after resetting the ps5 and game. They should revert back before the update and fix the shit before they issue it. The game is broken more from the update then it is after. Dippers are not the problem its the cheaters. You fucked up a good game for a small detail instead of the bigger picture. I would not recommend your game to anyone at this point. Before the update I had 10 people start playing this shit. You should have tested your update better before issuing it to everyone. Its garbage.
  2. grimreef

    People using Duplication Glitch

    Technically you can't ban people for using the games mechanics to the fullest. Its not the duppers they should worry about it is the people running a hack engine and cheating. Duplication is not a cheat it is a fault.
  3. grimreef


    Bet you'll do something if I mention one of the hacks they use is to get free crowns.
  4. grimreef


    Let me guess your just going to ignore this post like you never seen it because you don't want to admit it yourself?
  5. grimreef


    I was wondering when and if your company is going to start cracking down on all the hackers in vigor? I have only recently started playing and as my kd goes up i encounter more and more of these cheaters. Its making it so I don't want to waste my time or money on this game anymore. I have many videos saved from all the cheaters I have encountered. Most using infinite ammo, stamina, 150x speed, extra health and armor, aim bot, and sig blocker. I know the list of hacks for the game due to the hack engine I seen online researching why my head shots were not killing people the way they are supposed to. Me and several others that don't believe in cheating are noticing more and more cheaters on this game and its frustrating that your company hasn't done a thing to stop it from happening. As far as I see it your game is going to go under as one of the biggest BR games that has no cheat screening and failed to listen to the players. Its not the weapons that is the problem its the people using a hack engine and cheating. I suggest you figure out how to ban those that are cheating and put it into effect before you lose all players except those that cheat.