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  1. I really hope someone can help me I've looked at so many videos, forum posts, etc. and can't get anywhere. So my issue is that my mic isn't registering in game at all, works fine on every other game I play except ARMA. It doesn't even show I have a mic connected in the players menu. And when i use PTT my name pops up like I would be talking but no one can hear me. -I made sure my PTT was correctly binded. -I've switched through all talk channels with no success. -I have my VON all the way up and sensitivity all the way up. It was at this point I realized my mic wasn't even being registered by the game at all. (I.E. My mic not even showing up next to my name on the players list) -I've made my headset the default input and output on windows for mic and sound. (And restarted my computer afterward for settings to take) -All my drivers are up to date. -I've messed with the input and outputs in the steam settings. (And for both my headset and for defaults it picks up my voice perfectly fine.) -I've given all privacy to the microphone full access for any app. -I've deleted the game and all it's files and gave it a fresh download. -I've disabled my laptops mic and speaker sound. It's been like this since I've gotten the game which was about 2 weeks ago. I don't know what to do now and I would really like to be able to communicate in game as typing is not my strong suit. Somebody please help me here I'm completely lost.