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  1. Hello:) I think the problem here is simple. Bi need to make there game more editable and user friendly for none coders/scripters. I bought this game for the creation side of things.I have 0 coding exp, i only switched to pc couple years ago. I been going through forum after forum, post after post looking for help with what i wanted to do(Add a money system using the ingame money object as the currency, take over towns and earn money from them unless they taken back by other players also a shop to buy things from) to no avail. Its all good having a site like this but its doesnt help people like me who struggle with everything code/script related. I've been all over this site and so far and i've learnt next to nothing really...but i was really trying for atleast 2months but still nothing. I didnt want to post asking for help as it seems even if a post is answered you still get people asking the same question from the same post that has already been answered... so i see no point in asking for help. Instead i think its best(on my end) to just scrap A3 creation because its simply waaaaay to hard to comprehend which is ashame as i do very much enjoy making/buildings things but this, this is to much when what im after is essentially simple. One thing i hate to see is people defending this game by saying its old 11years+ or what ever but atleast in halo you could just put a dam spawn down and choose a side and delay for spawn yet this game (newer) doesnt have that simple feature no no instead i have to get empties out and put respawn_side in variable just to spawn a dam player oh and have to set up the mp side of it. If i want player to start with set kit i actually have to make a dam sqf for that??? like seriously?? why so daam difficult?. i can do that but the point is why, why does it all have to be daam code/scripts??. Even the modules are dodgy as hell you select the respwan module and you see nothing what you expect to see like side or delay, so so basic to have yet, it doesnt it...I hope no no I pray bi make there next game muc much more user friendly towards people who dont code or script. I think before i buy there next game i'ma have alook at how the creation side of it looks like if its anything like A3 then i aint buying it. I didnt come here to bad mouth or disrespect this site or A3, i've only signed up to say this. feel free to shoot me down But i know theres more people out there in my position with same simple problems than there is people who actually know what there doing..i just thought i'd come forward to say it. If i understood ASL i'd be making things for years to come but i guess people love doing things the hardest way possible so minimal people can join in on it...such ashame.