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  1. Perhaps I could provide a video to show you how it looks like?
  2. Same results with debug console, this time it dissapears faster only.
  3. Didn't work unfortunately. I tried titleFadeOut before and I never knew how to use it. I always ended up using sleep and it works perfectly but now it is not working for some reason.
  4. Same results, It appears then disappears really fast.
  5. First text appears then dissapears really fast, second text doesn't show up at all. Here is what I did. Probably something wrong.
  6. I changed the of -1 to 8 and there is no difference. It dissapears way too quick. It appears only for like 1-2 seconds and then disappears really fast. I even tried 80 instead of 8. Same results.
  7. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission. I want a group of AI to reveal to a group of players This is my script but it doesn't work. I have this in the squad leader of the players group I want to have a trigger where when players walk into it. It runs a script and it unhides a few AI and immediately makes the AI aware of the group of players so the AI will immediately start shooting the group of players.
  8. How can I define it correctly? Just placing _aiGroup = group this; and _playerGroup = group this; in the squadleaders init fields?
  9. No, I want to reveal a group of players to a bunch of AI's
  10. "If toWhom is a unit, unit's group is considered" This means the player's group is considered? so I can just type _x reveal player; and the player's group is already considered.
  11. If I replace _players with just player will it reveal each player to each ai in forEach?
  12. It doesn't work for some reason
  13. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission where they fight AI in an urban environment I was wondering if their is a way I can create bigger white smoke grenades? Is there a way to increase the particle size or effect? This is the script i'm using for now
  14. sizraide

    Create large white smoke

    Thanks! It works.
  15. I don't know if this is a glitch, bug, or whatever. But I'm creating a 4 man COOP map and whenever I kill an AI (BLUFOR) my mission immediately fails? I have nothing in my scripts, they're empty. But my game keeps mission failing when I kill the AI on my side? I checked the multiplayer section in the attributes tab and I currently have respawning set to Disabled. Don't know what else is left? These are what I have in my init.sqf and descprition.ext, other than that. Nothing else. Oh and it shows ALL PLAYERS DIED when the mission fails. init.sqf description.ext
  16. So, for whatever reason. I created a new scenario and just moved over the files and tested it without removing the switchMove. Now it doesn't fail mission every time I kill an AI, weird. Probably something in my multiplayer tab?
  17. Oh and when I die, it doesn't end the mission. Only when a single unit of AI dies it does.
  18. But why does it affect AI though? not players?
  19. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission. I have this script in the initLocalPlayer.sqf, basically I want a specific number of AI's to immediately die (setDamage 1;) when they loose health. (get shot by players) I've tried damaged and hit eventhandlers but it doesn't work, any help?
  20. sizraide

    setDamage not working.

    Works wonderfully, just a tiny bracket mistake in your part where you have } instead of ) next to > 0.1. Other than that it works! Thank you!
  21. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission where a player has to infiltrate a base and silently kill all enemies. and i'm creating an eventHandler that creates a trigger at players location when the enemy fires (when enemy detects player) Here is my setup, I have 11 enemies named from first1, first2, first3, first4, etc. In their init field I have Then in the enemy_detected.sqf I have Now my issue is when I load into the mission I don't receive any popup screen errors and nothing happens when the enemies start firing. I have an AI (called activation) that is on "disableAI "MOVE";" and will walk into a trigger area that will spawn enemies around the player in a separate script. (Supposed to represent that the enemies shooting attracted more enemies to player location) Also, I have a removeEventHandler to remove the added event as soon as the fired event happens. I'm also curious because I don't have much experience with scripting but would this work with COOP? because I created this script intended to work for COOP.
  22. Thanks for responding quick, before I test this I wanna learn how this script works because i'm trying to improve my knowledge in scripting. Would you mind telling me step by step why and what your script does in each line?
  23. Hello, i'm creating a COOP mission and I have a script here that enables the helicopter "move" and turn its engine on when the player enters it. How can I make it so when the entire "group" of players enter the heli the heli turns its engine on and starts moving.
  24. I got it to work! Removed the "_" behind heli1 and it worked somehow.