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    Using apply on group units

    Thats what I am confused about, why is it not working? in my unit_loadouts folder I have one of the loadout scripts here:
  2. I understand, thanks for the response. Can I put my own picture in there?
  3. Hello, I made this tiny script that adds mortar HE shells inside two containers. It works, but when I open the containers it says that the .paa file of the ammo type is missing. I'm using these shells from this mortar. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_CfgVehicles_WEST#B_Mortar_01_F
  4. Still shows .paa not found. I am trying to put them into ammo containers, not mortar inventory.
  5. Hello people, I'm making a COOP mission and I have a trigger that spawns in AI in waves. The string is _enemyGroup where it holds septemberGroup0, septemberGroup1, septemberGroup2, etc... It creates a group every time the previous group has less than 5 units alive. So, the new group would be septemberGroup + new index at the end of the while loop. My question is if this is the correct way of converting strings to variables for group names? I could just use the same group name and spawn the same group every time the group has less than 5 units but from spectating the AI behavior they act really weird and stray away from their waypoint for some reason when the group respawns.
  6. If I want to refer to that group, I can type _enemyGroup? For example if I type _enemyGroup setSpeedMode "FULL" it will refer to septemberGroup2?
  7. How can I create a new group to spawn after the previous group has less than 5 units living? By using new variables?
  8. is the variable _enemyGroup a string or a variable is my concern?
  9. You can use OR or || for both conditions. EDIT: Your if condition doesn't work because when you wrote obj1 OR obj2 distance player < 20. the condition is basically saying if variable "obj1" returns true OR obj2 is less than 20m from the player. You must type the whole condition and separate them using alias, like OR, AND, or isEqualTo. Your second if statement is correct, you just need to combine both conditions together using alias. Like I mentioned.
  10. I'm creating a COOP mission. And I made a little script that spawns IED around a bunch of markers. Hardest part is how do I make it so when the player is very near to the IED it explodes? Here is my script, it is incomplete. EDIT: IEDs only explode when a player shoots at them.
  11. Works awesome, except I would like it to spawn multiple IED's around the marker in 200m radius in random position and have the nearEntities applied to all of them. Is that possible? As seen here.
  12. I'm very inexperienced with scripting, would this work? I assume it wouldn't because all of the IED's have the same variable name so if one trigger is set off all IED's will explode wouldn't it? Is there a way I can convert strings to use them as variable names so I could have a different name for every IED created, including the trigger? Like createIED1, createIED2, createIED3 and iedTrg1, iedTrg2, eidTrg3... and so on. EDIT: I've looked into toArray but that's all I can find.
  13. Hello, deleteAt doesn't work in this for loop I typed. I want it to work when the the player performs the hold action, the hold action will delete the variable from the array.
  14. sizraide

    deleteAt error in script

    How can I make it when the players checked all the dead units something executes?
  15. I got a script that creates ambient battle noises around the player. I got this script from DayZ Medic from YouTube but just edited to suit my needs. And when I execute it I randomly get unknown expression variables for variable "_cpbSound" Any ideas why this is occuring?
  16. sizraide

    Ambient Sounds Script

    For anyone who wants to use it. Here it is:
  17. sizraide

    Ambient Sounds Script

    Works! Thanks for the help.
  18. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m23q2i5ano6or/GREECE%20REVOLUTION.Altis
  19. I use execVM instead, does it make a difference?
  20. Im a newbie in scripting, could you tell me how to script that?
  21. I found it, so basically im using two scripts made by ALIAS. Disabling this entire script made titleText work properly This is the FIRE script by Alias, just to add ambient fire. I have no idea whats on here and other dozen files in this script thats making titleText act abnormally.
  22. Okay so it works perfectly normal on a new scenario with the same mods. The question is, is there anything that can affect titleText? I only have two large scripts and they are ambient fire and ambient battles by ALIAS.