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    Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong place for asking this, but I'm quite lost with my problem and can't help finding an appropriate answer - or I just lack the understanding about things to make something out of the posts and threads I already looked up. I won't consider myself a noob in Arma 3 in general anymore, but a noob when it comes to all these server, client and mission questions. That's because I prefere singleplayer and didn't dive into the multiplayer aspect of the game, just yet. So here is the thing: I don't have problems with activating mods whatsowever, but with customizing them using CBA. Ingame, either in the main menu or at the start of a mission, I have the server and the mission tab avidable (client is greyed out comletely). When I go to the mission tab everything is grayed out and all settings are forced to default. There is no chance of changing anything. However going to the server tab makes me change everything I like. When I then start a single player mission in a campaign, the setup is taken by the game just fine. But once I save the game and then reload it, for whatever reasons, the mod setup is just reverted to default, ignoring the changes I did in the first place. I tried fiddling around with the "overide mission" and "override client" options in the server tab but nothing changed --> Changes in server tab apply on mission startup, but are set back to default on loading a savegame. A simple example: I subscribed to "Apricot's MW NVG VFX" wich changes the look of the nightvision. The default setting is the vanilla like Phosphor Green. But well, I want the Modern Warfare Phosphor. I changed it in the server tab ('cause I can't in mission tab) and at the beginning of the mission it works perfectly fine. But once I load a savegame, the nightvision is standard green again. So is there something I overlook, something I do wrong or is it just the way it is for stock SP campaigns? Thank you very much for your help and guidance.