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  1. Just a heads-up, TPW Fire's default config cause the firewood stacks next to houses on Livonia to be set aflame, so I'd suggest changing it from tpw_fire_types[] = {"metalbarrel","garbagebarrel","fire"}; to tpw_fire_types[] = {"metalbarrel","garbagebarrel","campfire","fireplace"}; to remedy this and other objects that contain 'fire' in their classnames (fire stations maybe?) I'd also like to request a system to place wrecks and trash automatically along/beside roads, in a similar way to TPW Park, but to go with TPW Zombies or as battlefield ambience. Maybe spawned only when player is in conflict?
  2. Dragon Layer

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Amazing scenario! I can only think of two suggestions: - Include uniforms, helmets/hats and vests as a possible loot in military buildings, with the possibility to learn how to craft them - those with less/no armor and less capacity are more likely to be found - Have guards attempt to take a uniform, helmet and vest out of the orange stash (if there are any) in addition to a weapon Speaking of guards, when they use up all of their ammunition, do they re-arm automatically (either by script or re-arm order)? I have been leaving them spare magazines in the orange stash to take, but haven't kept count.