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  1. hello guys, I have a question for you. I have a server and I want to add a script to this server where people will open their parachutes at 100 meters after they parachute. This works successfully when I put the following commands into the init.sqf file in my task; 


    [] spawn
      while {true} do
       {private ['_player','_chute'];
           if ( (getPosATL player select 2 > 100) && (vehicle player IsEqualto player) && (alive player)) then
               waitUntil {(position player select 2) <= 100};
               addCamShake [8, 2, 20];
               chute = createVehicle ['Steerable_Parachute_F', position Player, [], 0, 'FLY'];
               chute setPos position player;
               player moveIndriver chute;
               chute allowDamage false;
           sleep 2;


    But I can't do this on dedicated server. Nobody's parachute opens when I do it. What exactly should I do for the server? Can you say this as descriptively as possible? Thanks.

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