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  1. Hey man, I don't see your mod anymore
  2. Thanks, it's been a while since I've seen the update message
  3. ducphuli

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    @zooloo75 Oh, thank you for the update. Surprised when I saw this post, I don't join the forum often. Chances are a lot of people on steam, like me, don't know about this forum.
  4. Thanks guys, as suggested by @pvt. partz , I ask your permission to increase the volume of the cat meow
  5. @tpw My friend let me ask. I want to increase the volume of the dog and cat meowing, where do I set it? 😁
  6. Hello everyone, Have you worked or are you still at home relaxing? I don't know if TPW mod has a feature to mute birds and crickets around? because I'm building a campaign but there are too many birdsong in the map. Thanks
  7. Thank you audio developer, thanks to you and a few other friends for helping me learn how to make sounds. For the time being, I am applying the above simple way
  8. Thanks for the extra hint, I know that doesn't apply to weapons
  9. Can you give me the sample AK, thanks