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  1. First things first: There are some realy cool new features you implemented in MD2: the sneak option special attacks on weapons more resources for more crafting options But all this can not stop me from just deinstalling MD2 and beeing sad that a great game like MiniDayZ was left to die (pun intended). I just REALY don't like this "oh my god in 20 minutes the timers is ready and i have to restart the next one". I do not care about microtransactions, but the way they are implemented here makes MD2 just another pay2play game. In MD1 i just could start the game, play for as long as the bus ride took and then end it. That is not possible here. You HAVE to start the timers if you want to make progress and you can't just play 2 hours straight if you have some spare time to kill because there will always be at least the timers for getting your health bar back up. What i liked about MD1 was, that you could go to bed, turn off all lights and experience this feeling of running around alone in the dark. AND THEN THERE IS A ZOMBIE IN THE NIGHT! You die, you are frustrated but you start the next game, maybe with another character but it was this whole experience, this anxious feeling that you only have 3 shots left, only 1 zucchini and you desperately need to find something to eat. I never had this feeling playing MD2. You die. You loose some stuff. Who cares. You WAIT and you start your next raid. Or you just use one of your other characters in the meantime. And the Base building. It has been fun to build up fences, grow your seeds within your seemingly safe space. Search for a tent to store your stuff. I would have expected MD2 to have something like this as well, but that instead of having to find a tent to store stuff, you could use wood to build real houses. Maybe crude at first, but when you invest some time you could build bigger stuff. You use perks to unlock more features, some kind of experience system maybe. The most fun memory i have of MD1 was when i played it for several ingame days (i think it has been 11 days). And then i got surrounded by a HUGE group of zombies. several of the fast ones as well. My only options: the grenade i had in my inventory. What did i do? I tried to throw it out of a window of the house i have been hiding in. What happend? I exploded, lost everything. Realy frustrating but also, kinda funny. You could have made money by selling skins for the multiplayer version. Or zombie skins. Or keep the ads to gain some item from time to time (i liked this a lot, it gave you money and i got a LITTLE advantage. SOME hope. I could not just buy myself a realy cool gun with ammo and kill everything). MD1 was great. Now its dead. And MD2 is not an option for me i am sorry. Just my 2cents. *leaves the game with sad noises*