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Education Term Paper Topics


  • A Critical Review of "The Shopping Mall High School".


The article is based on freedom of choice, and this is false. While the metaphor of shopping malls can provide a working model for high schools, this is only on a superficial level. Even though it is not intended, the article highlights the very fundamental issue in sociology of inequality.


  • A Current Trend in Teaching Social Studies.

This undergraduate paper is on the basic trends of teaching social studies in modern days. To write my paper on teaching social studies I included the current trends in teaching social studies, it gives the details of how teaching can be use in the three of social studies area mainly anthropology, sociology and geography and the philosophy behind the teaching of this subject.


  • A Curriculum Evaluation of Don't Trash the Earth


This paper evaluates a curriculum unit called Don't Trash the Earth. It uses the CIPP (context, input, process, and product) to evaluate the unit. The unit is a multi-disciplinary unit combining science, mathematics, art, and language arts. It uses several different types of technology such as spreadsheets, graphs, and charts. The evaluation of the unit shows that it is a beneficial unit combining many different lesson plans on recycling.


  • A Definition of Education.


This paper will define what is education, and seek to understand it as a formal and informal process. By analyzing the different aspects of education, we can see its many facets. Use all available sources when you write your paper that will help writing college papers and come up with interesting ideas.


  • A Gentle Push Makes The Difference.


This paper is on the topic of giving children a little push to motivate them in their academics, sports, or arts. A gentle push is different than a shove.




  • A Multicultural Approach: Diversity in Today's Schools


The world's population is growing at a stupendous rate. More and more competition is growing among individuals. With each year, increasing numbers of newly arrived immigrant children enroll in the universities and colleges of the world. The rapidly changing demographics of the schools have created a critical need to search for ways to teach children who have limited English proficiency and sometimes very little formal education.. The influx of immigrants has placed considerable demand on the school for properly assessing and counseling students who do not have the expertise in English language. Since culture shapes a child's psychosocial development, it is important that counselors and school psychologists understand the unique challenges faced by ethnic minority students. Being away from home may result in disorientation, stress, anxiety, and grief over the loss of cultural heritage. Cultural dislocation encompasses a complex experience cultural conflicts, and loss of personal identity.


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