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  1. With 2.01patch i played arma cwa in 60fps and smooth mouse aiming. For the first time in 20 years! A small fix for ww4 was needed (Red Hammer, editor and binoculars problems), other than that this patch is amazing! With 60fps and that nice aiming it feels a little like a regular fps and i tend to play more risky. Hopefully Russians will work on Arma2 now and I will be able to play it in 60 fps in a few years too. New scripting commands are also very nice. I havent tested multiplayer yet.
  2. Can someone please help me with the bino/nvg trick? I use this patch with WW4 ( mod=@ww4mod25;WW4_EXT;WW4_EXT_VEH;WW4EXT_CW;WW4EXT_ARCTIC )
  3. msciej

    Unofficial patch 2.01 is gone

    Noone has it?
  4. msciej

    Unofficial patch 2.01 is gone

    Hello, Can someone please upload this patch? I would really want to give it a try but the website is gone.