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    Decoy consumeable

    I do agree with your sayings and i want to get further. The decoy device should be the perfect way to deal with extremely campy players. I think every vigor player experienced a game where they were stuck with another outlander, both not moving to avoid noises causing immediate death. In that situation, only the armor plate can buff the attacker enough to counter the defensive player. An affordable alternative would be a rework decoy : -noise cover footsteps partialy -realistic gunfight to fool the target -can be THROWN to attract your opponent’s attention in a tactical place At this moment, the decoy is triggered too fast, revealing your location. It is not convincing too.
  2. Hello Bohemia team, I understood you wanted to really improve the esthetic and ergonomy of your game before adding more stuff, a decision that i find very relevant. I support this 100%. I want to help you with a feedback concerning some of the improvable aspects that i noticed from my ps4 three months experience. 1- Weapons stats are very unclear and do not reflect reality (especially bullet damage). It needs a rework to better explain damage, range and bullet speed. 2- Scopes. They have the same zoom power no matter the weapon. Meaning that G3SG1, HBar and all the guns with scopes that you will implement will compete with snipers at long range. The fact is, hbar and SG1 have 30-mag full auto while snipers are limited. Second, some scopes are unexplainably dirty (za m76 for example) and some are clear (m21). Why doing that ? It is blurring long range targets. 3- recycling logic. Taking an example : why do Hbar and Adr have the same building cost and not the same recycling gains ? This occurs to several weapons from different class, it is illogical. I hope this will contribute to make the game better because i find it unique. Best regards.
  3. I am currently lost with the damage info about each weapon, it is sometimes right like adr for example (24 damage - kills in 5 bullets in torso) and sometimes it is not. For hbar and g3sg1 it is bugged (two-shot in torso for 35 and 40 damage respectively). However sniper damages are wrong, they all two-shot but their damage per bullet is marked bellow 50 (only vss is higher, bug or reality ?). Now, let’s talk about snipers, they are just useless as they are. Other scoped rifles just do a better job : better magazine, higher effective range (hbar), same scope power, less costly than a svd or svu and as powerful for the moment. All snipers need to get better range stats and above all they need an adjustable or more powerful scope to get clearer shots on big maps like Fjell or Brodalen. Hope this will inspire.