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  1. Hi everyone, first, excuse my english please, second, I didn't find a perfect place to write this and this thread is the one which more fits in the topic I want to talk about (that I found). To be direct, I was wondering the odds of Arma 4 to have a "gamemode" where you administrate a base, you have to collect resources by doing missions on your on or sending a squad, and buy new equipment for your soliders; new aircraft to support them, new rifles, tanks, thermal vision, etc. For me, who doesnt have much friends that play arma 3, It would be an outstanding addition, going on mission against AI or other player, also buildings and stuff like that should cost money as well. Let me know your thoughts about this and if it is possible/worth to do it; in my opinion it is (and please soliders are really fit they cant be tired after a 20 meters run). Best whishies, a LatinoAmericanBoy