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    How to unlink my steam account from this bohemia account

    Why do you want to unlink it? There are so many great games that you can play on Steam... I just love PoE and CS:GO. Well, if you insist, log into the Customer Support Service System under the Gaijin account you want to unlink; Submit a ticket and specify a reason for a dissociation of your accounts; Provide a link to your Steam profile.
  2. ACE 2 + ACRE - ACE alone and the content needed to play it is 8.6GB being the biggest or one of the biggest mods out there. Ace changes EVERYTHING in Arma to make it a more realistic Army sim. Ace has to many things for me to write here, just let it be said it is hands down the best mod ever. I played it everyday for about 3-4 years with a Mil-sim group around 100 people a day.
  3. Nicktreasure

    Is this game even playable?

    Not my favorite game. Better try WoW Classic. At least you can buy some wow classic gold and boosters, peering with the pro! That's an awesome advantage.
  4. Nicktreasure

    No massage received problem

    Thank you for your answer! I'm having the same problem before