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  1. HereIsJones

    Deleting simple objects

    Ah, ok I get it now. I had an array of class names, but you created an array of objects at the point of object creation. That would have worked as well.
  2. HereIsJones

    Deleting simple objects

    Works! Let it be known that nearObjects is the only way to get a handle on simple objects, and also that sarogahtyp is a dang genius. EDIT: Also, it turns out that nearObjects will pick up every object including triggers, so adjust your code accordingly.
  3. HereIsJones

    Deleting simple objects

    I guess my question is, how do you use an array element to point to a simple object? Here's my array: _compSimple = [ ["Land_CncBarrier_stripes_F",[11068,8464.88,0],[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_WoodenCounter_01_F",[11077.9,8467.94,0],[[0.1793,0.983794,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_ransacked_brown_F",[11079.4,8466.79,0],[[0.792886,-0.609371,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_FoodSacks_01_small_brown_F",[11077.3,8470.54,0.815598],[[0.998695,-0.0510703,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_FoodSack_01_full_brown_F",[11077.3,8469.66,0.814713],[[0.984472,0.175543,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_LiquidDispenser_01_F",[11078.5,8467.7,0.960007],[[-0.0663435,-0.997797,0],[0,0,1]]], ["Land_MarketShelter_F",[11077.4,8474.25,0.479996],[[1,-4.37114e-008,0],[0,0,1]]] ]; I have a class name, position and rotational data in it. What code would you use to grab the actual object with this, seeing that nearestObjects and TypeOf don't work? I suppose it would have to use the class name, but I don't know what the command would be. EDIT: isKindOf doesn't work either. It deletes the "normal" object but not the simple object.
  4. HereIsJones

    Deleting simple objects

    I actually have an array, but I tried testing this with: if (typeof _x == "Land_WoodenCounter_01_F") then {deleteVehicle _x}; That will delete "normal" objects, including objects that are hand-placed in the editor, but it doesn't recognize simple objects. I don't know of another way to use an array to get a handle on a group of objects. Wouldn't you need to create an individual pointer or variable name for each object?
  5. Hi, I have a problem deleting simple objects. I spawn a number of simple and "normal" objects in a 150m radius using this code: //simple object _thisObject = createSimpleObject [_thisClass, _thisPos, true]; //normal object _thisObject = createVehicle [_thisClass, _thisPos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; But when I try to delete those objects with this code, it only deletes the "normal" objects: {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [_centerPos, ["all"], 150]; It turns out, nearestObjects only locates the "normal" objects, not the simple objects spawned in with createSimpleObject. The wiki says that simple objects can be deleted with deleteVehicle, but how do I get a handle on a group of them within a specific radius in order to use that command? Is there some equivalent to nearestObjects for simple objects?
  6. HereIsJones


    In DayZ, my autorun mod was a nickel wedged into the "w" key to hold it down. True story. Also... O! Captain, my captain (Haleks), do you have a release date for RVG 2.0? Not a big deal, I'm just working on something that should be ready in 4-6 weeks, and I'm wondering if I should wait to release in 2.0. Unless the date is a secret.
  7. HereIsJones

    Locating Objects Problem

    Thanks. Somewhere above this code, I was using BIS_fnc_objectsMapper to spawn in a composition, and even though I could see all the objects spawned in, apparently there is something that goes on in the background and the composition takes a few seconds to fully "initialize". I moved my code down a bit and put a sleep 5; in front of it, and now it works.
  8. I'm trying to get a handle on a specific object and am having some trouble. My code is looking for "Land_MarketShelter_F" within a specific radius. isKindOf says the market shelter is a "Building", and if I type in the debug console - copyToClipboard str nearestObjects [_thisAnchorPos, ["building"], 200]; ...I can see "Land_MarketShelter_F" in the array. But when I use this code in my script - _thisShelter = nearestObjects [_thisAnchorPos, ["building"], 200]; { if (typeOf _x == "Land_MarketShelter_F") then { [_x] call BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject; }; } forEach _thisShelter; ...it's not in the array. In fact, that last bit of code returns a much smaller array of objects. It doesn't help that isKindOf says the market shelter is a "Building", but BIS_fnc_objectType says it's a "House". Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  9. HereIsJones


    Is there a way to latch onto the sleep event (via handler or otherwise) so that every time a player sleeps I can call a function? In Rvg 1.0 or 2.0.
  10. HereIsJones

    Object Variable

    Ok I'm getting this now. I'm building a kind of "quest-based" system for a map I'm working on, and it looks like the mission namespace might be a good place to organize and store "quest" states. I just figured out how to implement "function libraries" 🙂 so I can figure this out. I'll test it today. I have one last simpleminded question, which is at the heart of why I'm confused about this (apologies if it was explained above, I'm dense) - why would you use setVariable in missionNamespace instead of just setting a global variable? What is the benefit of it? It seems like it's about localization. I'm guessing using namespace keeps things more organized as well. Thanks!
  11. HereIsJones

    Object Variable

    Yeah I think that's my problem, I don't fully understand nameSpace yet, so that's where I'll start. Thanks!
  12. HereIsJones

    Object Variable

    Okay, I think I'm slowly understanding this. I found this old post (10 years old) and am hoping it's still correct. Is it (in simple terms) that setVariable creates variables associated with an object, and setVehicleVarName sets a variable that points to the object itself?
  13. HereIsJones

    Object Variable

    I don't want code written for me, I'm trying to get a conceptual understanding. Don't hijack my thread. Does anyone know of a good writeup on this? Thanks!
  14. Noob question, what is the difference between this... _myTruck setVariable ["myTruck", 123]; ...and this? _myTruck setVehicleVarName "MyTruck"; "MyTruck" = _myTruck; Can both be used to do the same thing? If there's a decent writeup somewhere I'd love a pointer. Thanks!
  15. HereIsJones

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Anyone know if there's a mod that allows you to point at an object in the editor and drape camo netting over it? Maybe even drape camo netting over two "walls" made from crates to create a shelter? Thanks.