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  1. Information - The 1st Irish Ranger Wing (1stIRW) is a newly formed primarily-Irish community, currently consisting of 10 active members. Our main focus is having fun, we do casual OPs and play as whichever unit in whichever war we feel like, but primarily, we will be playing of course as the Irish Rangers. The community's first official operation took place this monday at the time of posting, in which we brought 9 members, 6 of whom were Irish. Schedule - Currently we are doing only 2 events per week, an operation on Monday, and an operation on Tuesday. This may change depending on how we expand. What kind of operations do we do? Our operations can include anything that appeals to us at the time; Hostage Rescue situations, anti-terrorism, recon patrols, area clearance, checkpoint operations, zombie survival operations, etc. etc. Requirements - Have a working microphone Age 16+ Have Teamspeak. If you don't have Teamspeak that's grand we'll show you how to set it up. Links - If the 1stIRW appeals to you, you can find us on discord - https://discord.gg/ebTrt6F , Or you can DM me directly - Finn D.W#6424