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    Panavia Tornado AWS

    @pinaz93 is this mod still be worked on or not? if it is i have a few questions/requests let the pilot toggle on and off the TGP laser. perhaps full AWS function to save load outs and have the map for it? for some reason when i use a vehicle spawner to make vanilla maps more fun the GR4 isn’t there only the icr&ecr i love this plane and this mods awesome so thank you 🙂
  2. Holy shit yay thank you so much 🙂 do you have like a Paypal or patreon or like some way I can kinda idk say thanks for your work 🙂
  3. @firewill with what I asked earlier would you be open to the harrier missiles? and how long till the A10 update?
  4. Dumb question but you're approaching the target at the right angle? are you using the AWS GBU-24 or is it a different mod? can other bombs lock on?
  5. 1. yeh they were approved with both brimstones and hellfires but got pulled from service before the missiles were deployed. 2. thank you its the one thing making the a10 somewhat annoying other then that its perfect.
  6. Hi, I absolutely love your mods but I just have two questions/requests 1: Would you think about adding hellfires/brimstones to the mod i really would like to have 3/4 racks on the harrier GR9A as even though it never happened the missiles had been approved for the planes they were just pulled from service before active duty. 2: Is there a way to see SPI/where the TGP is pointing on the A10 HUD for gunrun aiming?