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  1. Squad name: Yamam Timezone/location: EST+0 (International) Gamemode preference: Coop Contact email: yamammilsim@gmail.com Website address: - Short description: Special unit of the Israel Border Police. The Yamam is capable of both hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. Language: English\Hebrew
  2. Yamam Israel's National Counter Terrorism Unit | Milsim Israel's National Counter Terrorism Unit (INCTU) in English is an Israeli counter-terrorism unit, one of four special units of the Israel Border Police. The Yamam is capable of both hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. Besides military and counter-terrorism duties, it also performs SWAT duties and undercover police work. In Israel, the Yamam is also known as the "Special Unit for Counter-Terror Warfare It is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Security central command and is part of the civilian Israel Police force, specifically the Israel Border Police. Its operators and officers are professional policemen on payroll, usually with infantry experience from their military service within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Yamam recruits its members exclusively from Israeli units. Recruitment and training Applicants for Yamam must be between 22–30 years old and have completed their three-year infantry service in the IDF with a level 8 of IDF training or higher, although no previous police experience is required. Unlike American SWAT teams, the Yamam is a professional unit with only combat duties and no other type of police work. The selection process includes a "hell week" that is said to be one of the hardest in the world. This level of difficulty is achieved because all the applicants are already seasoned combat soldiers, many having served in elite special forces units during their compulsory conscription as well. The skills they are looking for in every candidate are: intelligence, physical fitness, motivation, trustworthiness, accountability, maturity, stability, judgment, decisiveness, teamwork, influence, and communication. Training lasts six months and is carried out in the unit's own training center, although some use is made of the facilities at the IDF Counter Terror Warfare School (LOTAR, Unit 707.) The course is divided into a three-month general CT training period at the end of which recruits are selected for their specialization and then concentrate for the remaining four months on that specialization. Upon graduation, individuals are posted to fill gaps in the sections. Yamam considers itself to have several advantages over other IDF counter-terror units: firstly because the men are more mature, with most in their mid 30s and early 40s and having spent more time in the unit than equivalent military units, and secondly, because the units contain a far broader range of ages and experience among operatives. The Yamam is self-dependent, training its own operators in all fields, such as sniping, reconnaissance, rappeling, dog operating, and bomb disposal. As a result, Yamam has a rapid deployment time and high coordination between various squads (e.g. sniping squad, entry team, engagement force). Equipment Pistols Glock-17 Pistol Glock-19 Pistol Glock-26 back-up weapon Submachine guns Para Micro-Uzi/Uzi-Pro B&T APC9 Submachine gun FN P90 Submachine gun Shotguns Remington 870 Combat Shotgun Benelli M4 Combat Shotgun Assault rifles M4A1 carbine (modified by the unit's armorers) Colt Commando Sniper rifles SR-25 Mk 11 Semi-automatic Sniper rifle PGM Precision Bolt-action Sniper rifles (PGM Ultima Ratio, PGM 338, PGM Hecate II) Barrett MRAD Multi-Role Adaptive Design Bolt-Action Sniper rifle Barrett M82A1 Anti-materiel rifle Requirements Age 18+. Extremely high seriousness, investment in training and operations. Time for activity according to team conditions. Previous experience in the game. Ability to speak and write Hebrew at a fluent level. Youtube Click Here
  3. Squad name: Israeli Air Force Special Commando Unit | Team 40 Timezone/location: GMT‎+2‎ (Israel) Gamemode preference: Coop/PvP Contact email: Team40@gmail.com Website address: None Short description: We are a Milsim Unit Team 40 is an elite Israeli Air Force commando unit and one of the main Israeli special forces units. Language: Hebrew
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