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  1. Squad name: ArgA Timezone/location: GMT--3 (Argentina) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op Contact email: see website Website address: https://web.clanarga.com.ar/ Short description: Multigaming Community founded by arma2 and 3 players for near 10 years Language: Spanish
  2. Clan ArgA ABOUT US ArgA is a Latin American military simulation clan. More than 9 years of experience, and over 60 active members. INSTRUCTION We have instructors at all levels who report to three sections of the Military School: Recruitment School, Infantry School and Specialist School. ACTIVITY Constant activity on own server, 24/7. Official missions are reserved for members only, Non-Official missions give access to recruits and guests. In addition to Cooperatives with friendly clans. RANKS AND CONDECORATIONS We have a promotion system that takes advantage of the contributions and good fellowship of each member, giving value and projection to the military career. MODS We use a custom modpack for events consisting of popular mods such as ACE3, ACRE 2, CUP, RHS as well as some mods made by our own team. OUR NETWORKS Youtube Chanel Web Facebook Instagram