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  1. Quality of Life: - In-game party chat. - Option to continue to next encounter or shootout round without having to return to shelter. Many times, I play an encounter without firing a single bullet or using any consumables. Adding an option to just move along to the next encounter would save so much time sitting in loading screens. - Option to change load out with a saved preset from within end of round menu and continue to next encounter. - Multiple saved load out presets that you can name and organize. Adding something like this might scratch that itch for folks that like to tinker with setups and compare how they work out in game. - Contextual map pinging that shows up in environment to help associate locations pinged with a star on your map to the environment you are in. Currently we have live pinging--which is great--but not the other way around. Adding this small change will help streamline communication between team members for maneuvers and tactics. - Add Duo only or Lone Wolf-like option for Duo teams. Duo only for obvious reasons, and offering a small XP boost (perhaps smaller than Lone Wolf) to encourage players to risk starting at a disadvantage in exchange for a small XP boost. -Treat shelter as a lobby for friends to meet up before matches where they can hang out, use shooting range together or even show off their new weapon skins, emotes or outfits. - Enable craft queuing for weapons and consumables, similar to ammo and dismantling. - Allow dismantling from within inventory without needing to navigate to a dismantling menu first. I often scroll through my items, comparing stats, etc and it would save a little time to just be able to decide right there as I'm looking at the item to dismantle it. No need to navigate to the next menu, scroll down to find that item again and dismantle it. - This is further down the line, but it’d be nice to have some kind of end game to look forward to. I was thinking that as soon as you get all the plans and level up your shelter... What’s the point of playing anymore? Air drops, crates and ground loot will become almost useless. Fixes: - Fix sound lag—you can still hear yourself moving after you’ve stopped. This problem is especially prominent during teams. It's very difficult to differentiate whether or not a sound was created by myself, my teammate or an enemy player that is approaching. - Remove radio ping for your teammate when using signal tower. Pinging your teammates as an enemy is redundant and can be confusing. We already have an arrow for our teammates at all times. - Allow entire team to see enemy pings on map or compass instead of just the person who activated the signal tower.