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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/TiredAssiduousYakTooSpicy-4oH1CgsgmwKEJkG9 BibaDaFish and CancelGodzleftNut using duplication glitch with insurance for 75 portables and a bugle. Just wondering if there is any level of accountability for this behavior.
  2. BeyondDisBelief

    Cheaters in Shootout

    I have come across a group of 4 cheater that run shootout together. Mr-Kamps-A-Lot Roland_Deschain Give-it-Wings aMiniVanMan These 4 people go under the sawmill and melee each other or headshot each other so that they are constantly top 4. There is another guy that runs with the same people as well, Brymal_Rage There are complaints across multiple facebook communities. They even message rude comments to people in the shootouts. It is very toxic behavior.
  3. BeyondDisBelief

    Owned item duplicate

    Nah bro, it was originally the brown leather jacket. They just changed it to an unreleased outfit. They sent me an email apology. I love this company.
  4. BeyondDisBelief

    Owned item duplicate

    I think that instead of the outfit, maybe they can give crowns.