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    DayZ Suggestions

    I have got a couple of ideas for DayZ. Let us eat worms, most likely your player will get parasites, but if you're dying of hunger sometimes you don't have a choice. Why can't we layer clothing? Why can't i wear a Tshirt and a jacket? Let us play a music instrument. We can go crazy in dayz by eating human flesh, why not go deeper into mental health and add depression, lonelyness, happiness, Make us find old video games in the game or magazines to cheer your character up. Let us claim buildings by placing a landclaimer. So nobody can spawn in your base but you and the people who are allowed to. Making glitchy base raids, a problem of the past. In the trailer you show a survivor getting cut up by someone. Why not implement scars into the game, visable wounds. What if you cut off someone's hand? They would have to live with that the rest of their playtrough. Eyepatches, so if somebody pokes out your eye, you go blind on that eye. Broken arms and mitellas Give us a instant zombie kill animation, as a bonus for sneaking up to them with a knife, instead of always beating the shit out of them with a melee weapon. Give us boats. Longer beards and hair. Rain catchers Horses livestock in your base/settlement so not only for hunting, but for farming aswell. Home-made bombs Give us watches, so we can see the time of day and militairy watches shall have a compas aswell War paint and make-up Thats all i could think of. I love the game! These are just some toughts I think would be amazing!.