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    I am new to this game and understand being behind a bit.. however... I find that this game to be very little rewarding to anyone new. The matchmaking puts me up against people who are maxed levels/battle pass levels/ top gear/ massive amounts of kills... and they literally just HUNT you.. why am I being loaded into a match when I have nothing and yet everyone else has top end gear? Also this game is a MASSIVE camp central. I noticed everyone just pitches a tent with their snipers and pick people off who try to grab stuff.. they don’t care about the loot... they just want those kills. Sort of kills the gameplay when you can’t actually play the game. Can’t even fight back.. yay I have a Thompson... wtf is that gonna do against a guy who has some SVU sniper camped up watching half the map? The other half is covered by other snipers. How boring if a game it is to sit in a bush fir 15 minutes doing nothing then have the radiation come in.. then run for an exit. there really needs to be a fix on this.. I can’t see the game being on my system too much longer if this crap continues... Also... I wonder if other people realize.. they don’t need to kill EVERY person they come across.. 1. Matchmaking is almost as bad as Apex.. 2. Camper central. 3. People yell hey to communicate then kill you.
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    The further along in the pass, the better stuff you unlock no? Fine take that out. Forget I said that. Still... how is anyone going to get better when they are out up against people who murder you within minutes of starting? Matchmaking is trash. Now that I have played more I have uncovered a lot of stuff. For instance... modded controllers and auto aim.. it’s absolutely disgusting. Only game worse then this one for that is Apex. It’s mental, I’ve watched someone fire the m2 faster then I could fire say a Thompson or or the light machine guns. The recoil on the guns are absolutely insane... you want a game based on realism but this isn’t it... you want a game based on fairness... this isn’t it. I spent a few bucks and totally regret it. This game is ass. Also your response I heard was the typical toxic response “get gud”. It’s not appreciated and clearly you’ve been playing a while so you are dug into the game quite a bit. As for anyone new coming in... it’s just a get fucked moment. Unless these issues are addressed.. this game is dead. I’ll be uninstalling the game as I don’t need the negativity around. The game is more frustrating then fun. Goodbye.