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  1. I find that assigning players to squads takes long, as pressing F2 or whatever, and then choosing a colour everytime I restart is too long. Now, I am pretty sure, they're must be another way, but someone please tell me that way.
  2. So, I have recently been playing arma for around 50 hours or so, so still new. My questions are. How can I give specific orders other than pressing tab and a number after that. For example, suppose I want 2 specific ai team members, to go in their helicopter, and roam a jungle DURING gameplay, Or I want a medic to CPR a soldier that has fallen, and if no response to carry him, or take him away on a car/helicopter. Do I need to learn scripting to do all this, or can are there any way to do this duirng gameplay (easily). During firefights (shooting senario's) I find team members not listening to orders properly, suppose I want soldier X to get in the car asap, he will normally continueing shooting, and maybe after a few minutes will get in, which is just too slow. How can I lock targets that, either me or my team members spot? For example, my team member, is shooting into the woods, however I cannot see who he is shooting. Is there a way, for me to get a red circle on the target he is shooting? I know its only a game, but I reckon all of what I asked is not impossible to acheive in Arma 3. Please answer as much or as little as you can, anything useful will help right now, as I want to expand my abilities. Also, I do apologize for asking nooby questions, but I guess we all were a noob once.