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  1. Hello guys... I am new to the forums and to modding community in general, and want to see your opinions about what I'm about to say... I know that I might sound greedy, but hear me out.. I love Arma 3, but always found shooting people in it is unsatisfying, because of the lack of death animations and blood... I've been working now for more than 2 months on a mod that adds death animations (real death animations, not just ragdoll enhancements) and a new blood system (based on the amazing Bloodlust mod), and my mod is almost done, and I have a video that shows its features... The thing is, I'm from a country that got destroyed by war, and I don't have a work, neither my family. So my last option of making some money so I can help my family, is by asking for donations for my mod... Should I post my mod on the forums and ask for donations? Will I sound greedy and get scholed? I'd really appreciate any help I can get..