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  1. TL;DR - I installed the Antistasi Mod and need help editing in some weapons. I have recently subbed to this mod on steam and I want to play online with a few friends. At the beginning of the game you get access to the Virtual Arsenal to gear up your team. I want to add some weapons and gear to the arsenal but I am unsure how to do it without breaking the mod. Basically, I am starting from scratch I have watched Gunter's tutorial on editing mods through the eden editor. But I was unable to get the MP version of my mod to work I pasted the unpacked folder into the missions folder that eden editor accesses, I could find the SP version of the mod ( I added that separately alongside the multiplayer mod folder) but I am unable to find the MP one so I have given up on that option. I have used PBO manager to unpack the mod folder and I have access to the scripts and files for the scenario. Could I edit the arsenal directly from here or do I have to use the editor honestly any advice could be helpful at this point lol.
  2. Yes that is a great help thank you for getting back to me so soon! Edit: could you show me a forum for Arsenal scripting so i can attempt to teach myself the basics. Sorry if that is inconvenient.
  3. Sorry I did not make it clear. The in-mission Arsenal is limited in the weapons you can access. The author designed it in such a way that when you begin the mission you have access to a very limited pool of weapons and gear and as you play through the scenario you can add things you capture to the ammobox and at a certain point (say for example when I collect 25 TRG rifles and have placed them in the ammo crate) that weapon is unlocked in the arsenal as it would be if you accessed the standard Virtual Arsenal directly from the main menu. What I want to figure out is how I can edit that initial pool of weapons and gear so I have access to some more things when the mission begins. I am assuming it is a whitelist that you mentioned above, but I do not know where to look to edit this and to be sure that it would register when I load the scenario on my multiplayer mission. I hope that is more clear sorry for the confusion.