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    A few suggestions

    I just want to start this off with saying thanks bohemia for the great game I can enjoy, I just picked it up after seeing it sponsored on YouTube and got my freinds on it to, I would love to give a few suggestions from a fairly average player 1. I have constantly had a problem with how much health you get, I think it should go up a tiny bit but more importantly, headshots with all weapons should not insta kill, It annoys me so much when a random noob accidentally 1 hits me and takes all my loot, just let me know what you think of this change 2. I understand that this game is still under development, but this suggestion is about how hard it is to vault over some objects/ how easy it is to get caught on them, when im trying to run from or to something and im constantly getting caught on random small logs or twigs on the ground, or im trying to vault over something and it just doesn't work it just needs polishing, I hope you guys make these mechanics a little better 3. Personally on my ps4 I have been experiencing a lot of crashes, so I don't know if its just me but pls look into it 4. Thanks again for the great game to play ( :