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  1. 12 hours ago, Zim88 said:

    I am stuck guys, I used to run an exile server but its been a year or two and I just cant get exile running in SOG, I have tried tadst and FASTER but neither work with different errors. What do you guys use and what config options should I use.
    TADST: while joining server I get stuck on "waiting for server to load", when running 32bit exe the server just crashes
    FASTER: EDIT, found this only runs 64 bit

    Exile recommends that you do not use TADST. I have an Exile server running with SOG and if you need any help I will try my best. I am old and not that bright, but I don’t mind helping where I can . 🙂 I also have a dynamic mission system with SOG running with TADST.

  2. Really nice work Bud!!! The trader details are awesome. I am working on creating an Exile server without vanilla Arma gear or weapons. The added details of period statics at the traders goes well with that theme.



    I did find one issue. The Traders at Sihanoukville are inside a barracks with doors that do not open. And if I may add a suggestion, the long bridge leading to the Rad Zone could do with a high spot to allow water traffic to pass.