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  1. I stopped playing Vigor as It was kinda unplayable to the point we would pretty much get blue screened every couple games has It been fixed yet?
  2. PhantomPlayin

    So Much Potential (PS4 BUGS BLUE SCREEN ERRORS)

    Yo cheers for the comments pal
  3. PhantomPlayin

    So Much Potential (PS4 BUGS BLUE SCREEN ERRORS)

    Also make a support forum for PS4
  4. PhantomPlayin

    So Much Potential (PS4 BUGS BLUE SCREEN ERRORS)

    More blue screen errors tonight making me wanna stop playing as i stream the game too not good for viewers and new players wanting to try the game out seeing the mess its in.
  5. PhantomPlayin

    Fix your mess!

    I can confirm this has happened to my brother and a mate of mine fix this mess please
  6. PhantomPlayin

    So Much Potential (PS4 BUGS BLUE SCREEN ERRORS)

    Honestly this game needs a serious update me and my mates all just Blue Streened It's so bad and happens way too much come on guys sort an update out.
  7. PhantomPlayin

    So Much Potential (PS4 BUGS BLUE SCREEN ERRORS)

    Maybe also have the fishing platform unlock and you can actually fish and get random parts from the lake?
  8. Hey first off I just wanna say I am really enjoying the game so much In fact I have been playing It constantly for the past 3 days however the PS4 version Is plagued with blue screen errors that eccur way to often besides this problem and the leaderboards not working nothing else bothers me about the bugs, but please fix the blue screen errors lol. Secondly for the future, as a Escape From Tarkov player I would love to see some kind of Flea Market come to Vigor, maybe make the shelter even harder to build with a few more levels to each section and then people could trade guns to other players for maybe 300 glass or what ever materials needed to get a part of your shelter done if thats what they needed but obviously with having a Flea we would also need more items of different rarity loot, having weapon attachments would be awesome standered base weapons and then attachments and ones already fully build. I'd also like to see some NPC enemies scattered around at some points of interest not a crazy amount but just a few here and there to slow some teams down or give locations away would make for more interesting encounters.
  9. PhantomPlayin

    Ideas for new content

    Yep sadly the PS4 version of this game Is riddled with blue screen errors and its very regular I would also love to see some new items weapon attachments maybe some more rare weapons and some kind of flee market where people would buy from other players maybe you sell a gun and want some glass in exchange that would be awesome. NPC enemies would be pretty cool also and maybe every week your shelter gets attacked by NPC's in waves you can invite your friends into your shelter to help you. Some new maps wouldn't go a miss an massive indoor shopping center with outdoor areas.