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    Why do i feel like there is skill based match making after my first day on here on to my 2nd, lobbies are 10x sweatier today then yesterday on the ps4 if skill based match making is put into this game im uninstalling it. Its why i left COD and Apex legends abd fortnite, im a sweaty player. But the fact i cant get on and play like a casual without having to sweat my absolute heart out every game is quite ridiculous. This should not be a thing to "Protect the noobs" and punish me for being good at gaming. It should be random and all RNG entering a encounter not know if theyre going to be sweaty or noobs. As its a survival/loot based game. Ive played a good over 80+ encounters in the past days since release with a 86% survival rate with close to 100 kills and 2 2k loot rate a game. And genuinely every game i been in today has been all sweats, literally every player, like is sbmm is in game? Id understand putting people more higher levels with higher levels to keep the more expirenced loots and more geared players more grouped for balance but SBMM is not the way, look at cold war already dying out because of sbmm take notes if you want this game to trive longer then a Grade A huge title. Sbmm will kill the game. Please remove if it is implemented.