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  1. This script is written for an older version of arma3 (yes its a bit of a necro thread now, but its still a useful script to use) The script produces an error about waitUntil returned Nil , boolean expected, Still produces the trace but it waituntil now loop instruction must have changed syntax since this was written, and I'm not a coder. so How to update this to fix this error?
  2. bit of a necro post now but... try this server.cfg - Bohemia Interactive Community (bistudio.com) steamProtocolMaxDataSize = 1024; Limit for maximum Steam Query packet length. (since Arma 3 1.99+) Increasing this value is dangerous as it can cause Arma server to send UDP packets of a size larger than the MTU. This will cause UDP packets to be fragmented which is not supported by some older routers. But increasing this will fix the modlist length limit in Arma 3 Launcher.
  3. Just as FYI: Hovering Performance: Helicopter performance revolves around whether or not the helicopter can be hovered. More power is required during the hover than in any other flight regime(LINK). You might want to also look up vortex ring state (LINK) So its a correct FM to have most power required in a hover.