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  1. WulfsLayer-42

    Xbox ultimate game pass perk

    having the same issue, the perk is called the armed outlander bundle, a perk for vigor in the game pass ultimate. i didnt get the 500crowns, guns, or the special jacket either
  2. How long can I expect to wait to get this issue resolved? I find it kind of odd that I had to join a forum just to post about a severe issue such as this.
  3. WulfsLayer-42

    Mortar shell and houses

    i think mortars should hurt players inside the building, i am not happy with the change
  4. I have purchased the gamepass ultimate specifically for the VIGOR armed outlander bundle. i had redeemed the code, but did not receive the 500 crowns, jacket or guns. i had redeemed the code november 15th. I have contacted xbox support and they could not resolve the issue, the case ID# is 1512980379. please help.