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    Moving Respawn Location

    Just in case anyone else reads this, and wasn't understanding the problem, like me; The issue was the respawn module, as I didn't need both the module and the marker entitled "respawn_west". Deleted it, and the problem was solved! Thanks @pierremgi for your help : )
  2. DanBanksJazz

    Moving Respawn Location

    Cool, I understand now. Sorry, I have misunderstood the necessity of the respawn module. I tried removing Zeus to no avail. However, I'll try removing the respawn module and see if that works! Thanks,
  3. DanBanksJazz

    Moving Respawn Location

    Yeah, I have a simple respawn module in place, and it appears to be working fine. And the multiplayer settings (I am using 3den) seem fine. In fact, the system is working perfectly for anyone playing the scenario in an online coop/MP session, except me! As the mission progresses their spawn points move forward, but mine doesn't. I end up way back at the start, have to zeus myself a vehicle and trundle over to them. I do have a zeus module down, not sure if that would make a difference? Thanks again for your time and knowledge!
  4. DanBanksJazz

    Moving Respawn Location

    Sorry, no the condition is this. The respawn_west marker is a standard marker (from the military drawn group) which I've placed next to the respawn module. The weird thing is, it works perfectly for other players in the game, but just not me as host! I always spawn back at the original spawn point where the module, and original mark, are.
  5. DanBanksJazz

    Moving Respawn Location

    So, as I'm writing this I think my error is becoming clear! The trigger is triggered by BLUFOR being present, condition is true, and on activation the above script. The marker is just a standard marker named new_respawn. Is the issue that, if no BLUFOR are in the trigger zone it'll revert back to the original respawn? Thanks for the swift reply!
  6. Hello all, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere or if this is the wrong thread! I’m building some scenarios, and want to move the respawn position as the mission develops. I’ve been using the below activated by a trigger and with an appropriate marker: "respawn_west" setmarkerpos (getmarkerpos "new_respawn"); And, this has worked excellently for all players in the scenario except me (the host)! I always spawn back at the initial spawn point. Is there a reason why this would not be working for the host but would work for the rest of the players? Thanks, D.