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    AI Respawns and Waypoints

    @razzored that is the most helpful thing I have heard in all of the forums, discord chats, wiki pages, etc. Yeah, you're pretty much right on the dot with your assumption. The waypoint is literally just a move waypoint. That's it. but unfortunately I deleted the mission file and PBO because I was making a similar mission and pretty much gave up on the one I was working on before. But I would be interested in starting over and trying it again. Here, add me on discord we can talk more about it there. My username is Guesswho_itsCam#0221
  2. Alrighty folks, this is my first real heavily scripted mission on the Eden editor. Trying to set up a side-op for my unit. All I really need is for the AI to respawn with their original loadouts, and try to regroup with the rest of their squad. I have their waypoints set to activate once a trigger has been activated by a blufor presence, and I was hoping that once the AI respawn, they would try to make it back to that waypoint they were heading to once they died. Unfortunately, I am not very good at getting things like this to work, I can't even get the AI to respawn let alone the fact that after they respawn, they need to make their way back to that waypoint. I've already looked at some of the forums, and all of the scripting put into some of the conversations really just confuse me more than anything. If you have an idea of how to help, please DM me so I can give you my discord, and I can share my screen in order for you to see what I am doing and walk me through the steps to making this actually work. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! It should also be mentioned that I am running ACE and the units I plan on using come from the UNSUNG Vietnam War mod.