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  1. NikosVita

    Prep work for season 8

    I think they will nerf the xp from the crates this season. Also, they will remove the camping mortars. You should hold your crates because I think I heard them say that in the next week of the season start they will have a double xp event (although I'm not 100% sure).
  2. NikosVita

    Leveling up...

    You should really make it easier to level up. After level 20-25 it takes hours upon hours to level up. Please fix it for the new season. ALSO you should add a double xp weekend ASAP. Thanks in advance.
  3. Leveling up in Vigor is easy, said no one ever. The amount of xp required along side the amount of xp gained makes the game ultra hard to level up from a point onwards. Vigor is a game, and every games job is to have you entertained and have a great time. The thing is that with the amount of xp required/gained to level up, I find myself playing almost all day today and still haven't managed to make any significant progress( I levelled up once). PLEASE make the xp required for a new level LESS as the progress after level 20-25 is rediculasly low. I really hope next season is much easier. Thanks in advance.