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    Ive fixed it its a bug that has been around for 3 years and has to deal with 64 bit arma https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124112 I gotta play in 32 bit It probaly just starting happening since i got a new corsair headset
  2. TurtIeeee


    @Gunter Severloh sorry it took a week for me to respond but here is what you asked for https://imgur.com/a/NjCiGCp lower one is before higher one was while i was in a heli when it happened. And also i usually play Zeus i just do it in warlords because its easier to get a heli. Also @oldbear how would i check to make sure windows didn't mess up my audio?
  3. TurtIeeee


    I didn't add -high
  4. TurtIeeee


    No mods, No custom missions, no scripts, https://justpaste.it/9lfmx virtual arsenal kinda did it https://justpaste.it/3wvoa Official warlords did it alot
  5. TurtIeeee


    But why is it doing this now? game was working fine a month ago. and why is it only doing it for helis
  6. TurtIeeee


    1333MHz HDD
  7. TurtIeeee

    speakering cracking and minor stutters

    How did u fix it? im having the same problem
  8. TurtIeeee


    Whenever i go into first person in a heli my game stutters a lot and the sound starts to static and its impossible to fly in first person specs CPU: AMD FX 6300 six core processor GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560 series RAM: 24GB