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    Random ennemy placement

    I don't want to just place on hostage, but also opfors arround in a "realistic" defence position which isn't possible (at least easily possible) with setPos command.
  2. Marin Lorre

    Random ennemy placement

    @kaleb c0d3 Thank you very much, as it does actually work perfectly I think i'm gonna use it if you don't mind. However my scientific brain doesn't want to give up and I really don't understand why my script is not working at all. Merci beaucoup anyway PS: I don't understand the way you define those parameters;
  3. Hi, I'm actually creating my first replayable mission and for that I need to place hostages in a predefined random position, I've place different trigger with hostages inside, I want to choose one of those and delete all other. Here is the script I made but all hostages are delete when I run it : private _HostPos = [trig01, trig02, trig03] _HostPos deleteAt (random (count _HostPos)); _y = count _HostPos; for "_i" from 0 to _y do { {deleteVehicle _x} forEach allUnits inArea (_HostPos select _i); }; Could you help me ? thanks